Although I don’t really think of myself as a graphic designer, I have become familiar with various design tools and which tools are appropriate for various design goals. For example, I know the difference between vector and raster images and how to convert images from one to the other. I can manipulate paths and fills, use masks, gradients, and filters to alter photos and create graphics.

As boy, I spent many hours drawing using pencil and ink and my graphic work has always been informed by the time I spent in my sketch books. I still use bold lines and a restrained color palatte. I am good with cartoon, caricature, and rendering simplified representations of familiar objects. I like reducing a complex visuals to simple lines that evoke a sense of the subject. I of course understand the basics of color theory and how color is used in computer design tools. I use tools like Kuler to explore color, to extract color groupings from images and to create mood sheets.